Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh, Gentle Day...

Oh gentle day, nudging away the veil that drapes nature’s repose
Soft fingertips, murmuring lips whisper to naught night’s sable throes
The earth expands beneath her hands where mercy’s promise intercedes
As grace employs immortal joys and Hope nurtures our mortal needs

The woodland sings where bird-song rings in acclamation to her cues
The haunted dell and darkened fell emerge clothed in gleaming chartreuse
In thinning dark our dreams embark beneath the arabesque incline
Of coral-gold; see it unfold a virgin bloom on mercy’s vine

Within her breath both life and death tremble upon Time’s argent wing
Where angels tread and mortal thread glimmers; a sheer, ephemeral thing
Change wields its mien; from subtle skein her gossamer caress unfurls
How brief the span from boy to man; soon womanhood slips over girls

Where is the limb that lifts the scrim of midnight’s tender, turbid trance?
We touch the spoil of duty’s toil and praise the God of second chance
Rendered respite of middle-night dissolves within the ruby splay
Of gentle dawn nudging far yon the remnant shades of yesterday

© Janet Martin

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