Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brief Prelude

They flow, breath-whispers winnowing our days
Swift hours tinted with love’s sundry hues
A kaleidoscope of purple, pinks and blues
The golden-bronze, the scarlet autumn blaze
And here within its trial and error leap
Within its planting and its gathering
We bear life’s laughter and its suffering
Praying the Lord His faithful watch to keep
For this is a brief prelude to the Place
Where we will set aside earth’s wants and woes
How soft and keen its moment-measure flows
A vapor-rush of Love’s mercy and grace
Before we join the ranks gone on before
Into the fathoms of Forevermore

The dew upon the grass soon disappears
The fragrance of its gleam evaporates
This life is like a drop that dissipates
In quickened murmuring of days and years…

© Janet Martin

yes, that old quote is true; We grow too soon old and too late smart...

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