Friday, May 17, 2013

Who, but Our God?

Oh motherly matron of sweet sanguine spring
What bounty of bulb, bud and blossom you bring
While no one is watching you draw from the sod
A rainbow of radiance fashioned by God

Of lupine and lilac, daisy, daffodil
Of tulip, forget-me-not, rampant they spill
Wild flower, hybrid, bashful and bold
Pouring from nature’s voluminous hold

Wonderful wonder, within homely pod
Trembles the providence of gracious God
Plebeian hull filled with fair fruit and flower
Glorious glimpses of God’s supreme power

Who but our God can inspire or design
Such infinite variance of leaf, petal, vine
Who but our God can shape dust’s humble skin
Into love’s handiwork fit for a king

© Janet Martin   

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