Thursday, May 30, 2013



We never know where we will wander
Over the misty morn
Or back to the days of childhood
Where memories are tarnished and worn
Together we traverse the rafters
Of midnight; the moon-garnished sea
Drinking the hope and the laughter
Of echoes or what yet might be

The pathway of thought and desire
Suffers no boundaries
We ruffle the hemlock spire
With longing’s languid melodies
Deeds are the dust that we reckon
Words are the letters we blend
But now silver-soft eons beckon
Where only a thought can transcend

We never know where we will wander
When Muse spills her enchanting font
Giving permission to squander
White whispers of wishes and want
Beyond blue horizons we ramble
Reaching for perception’s vague ken  
As thought and I freely amble
In search of a poem to pen

© Janet Martin


  1. Love this picture of you, Wanderer :-)

  2. Thank-you. yes, we do wander some: thought, pen and I;)

  3. Janet this is one of my favorites...your thoughts cascading like the ebb n' flow of the sea!
    I love it!!!



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