Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Today...

It’s today; the threads of yesterday can never be un-spun
Tomorrow is a canvas on which nothing can be done
But now, beneath our feet and hands, oh see its offering splay
The framework of accomplishment transpires; it’s today

Step bold and humbly to the runway of time’s offering
For soon its coffers will be emptied of its silk and string
But now unfurls the imminence of all we do and say
To each the same, a span of moments to employ; Today

The pattern of a lifetime is not woven in the morrow
The filament of yesterday we cannot steal or borrow
But now, the invitation rings from morning’s gold and gray
As mercy lends its bounty in another gift; Today

Do not despair or try to bear what we can never alter
The past and future are its own; beneath their weight we falter
But God above in gracious love imparts His strength and stay
And He will give us just enough for what we need; Today

© Janet Martin


  1. How true:) We can' t change the yesterday or predict future, but yes we can live in today and god will protect and guide us.

    Lovely creation....

  2. Amen! Thank-you for your thoughts and encouragement! God is good.


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