Friday, May 31, 2013

Arabesque Avalanche

The flowers walk past me while I’m standing still
The moon climbs the stairs to its heavenly hill
The moments that held such mystery and appeal
Fall into the fairway of history’s seal
It seems to happen while I’m standing still

The babies that held me are taller than I
Someday perhaps they will teach me to fly
It happens so quickly, the ebb and the flow
Over, beneath me, holding, letting go
Now my babies are bigger and braver than I

Arabesque oceans of hours and years
Surging in memory over thought’s phantom piers
Am I standing still while Time rushes ahead?
For I see a lifetime unravel its thread
In shimmering laughter and tears

© Janet Martin

Remember twirling on a rope-swing, spinning, spinning, then stopping while the world continued to tilt and twirl...that's what it feels like sometimes; Life, twirling by while I feel myself in slow-motion, trying to take it all in!

Moments are like we catch them they disappear.

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