Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still-life Pageant


Oh, still-life pageantry embellishing the air
How fluently you come to me
Like whispers in a prayer

Then run those whispers near where I can almost touch
The echo of those days I love
In scenes I miss so much

Though my cup over-flows with laughter, love and hope
I feel the kiss of longing’s bliss
Ravage thought’s hidden slope

And when the day is still or filled with spring’s cadence
Then suddenly you come to me
In tender confidence

Oh, still life pageantry from fathoms silver-blue
I touch your face as I embrace
Those tender thoughts of you

© Janet Martin

This year's spring-cleaning is unlike any other. I am packing boxes for my daughter who is moving out when she gets married in the fall... a separate container with winter things, a 'don't send it to the thrift-store 'cause Emily might want it' box,  etc...Much opportunity for reflection and echoes.

Cherish the moment soon to be a memory!


  1. Such a a nice poem, loved the rhymes......all the best...

  2. Thank-you V~. I love rhyming poetry too;)


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