Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Must be May...

When the whole world is washed with green
And splashed with lilacs in between
Indigo heights and emerald tray
Then I think that it must be May

When latticework of scrawny limb
Is traced and graced with leaf-lace trim
And sudden showers come to play
Well, then I think it must be May

When sparkling brooks laugh through the land
To chatter over sludge and sand
In ribbons blue and silver-gray
Then I am sure it must be May

...the gold of dandelion rush
The pink of apple-blossom blush
The rainbow of tulip foray
All seem to sing, 'it must be May'

It must be May when all the world
Is nature’s virgin bud unfurled
As earth dons garments floral-green
Where winter’s faded robes had been

© Janet Martin

I am always rather reluctant to relinquish May...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah :)
    That SURE was May !!

    And what a lovely May at that :)
    Endearing as ever !!!!


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