Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Of Moments, Miles and Memories

Dream a Little Dream of Me

If we could rearrange moments and miles
And draw back yesterday from ether-blue
So we could bid careless farewells adieu
To kiss and cradle long those parting smiles
We would; but we cannot retrieve one sigh
Nor force into the bud the unfurled bloom
How swift the flower spills its fragrant plume
And bleeds its perfumed petals to the sky
Mingling with mortal merriment and tear
A flicker on this tiny blue-dot sphere

Passion and parting rend our inner deep
Moments melt into nothing, like the snow
An hour has no reins, its lilting flow
Shaping the miming memories we keep
The tempest of its echo stirs our tears
Yet there is no merit in looking back
Weeping for yester-years unyielding track
For even now this moment disappears
Leaving its little love-line on our face
And in our hearts a memory to trace

Moments of love, longing and loss converge
Future, present and past; they coalesce
To ravage our thought, keen and noiseless
Stealing our breath within their potent surge
Yet, thought is powerless to rearrange
The days that murmur twixt our cooling touch
As the expanse of moments, miles and such
Compile to shape the ache that comes with change
Sometimes I wish that I could shift those miles
To kiss and cradle long love’s farewell smiles

© Janet Martin

Take the time today, to kiss and cradle loved ones within reach
Tomorrow, today will be washed away like a footprint on the beach
And none of us can say who will be here; who will be gone
So take the time today to hold and kiss and cradle long…


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