Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Twilight

It’s twilight; the cerulean sweep of azure afternoon
Declares the glory of the Lord in soft magenta swoon
The billowed breadth of moments like a highway to the sky
Claims one more day of gathered fray into the by and by

It’s twilight; now the vesper of the sparrow and the lark
Compete and then grow softer as the purple sky grows dark
The seeds that we have sown today are transiently concealed
Until the certain harvest when its fruit will be revealed

It’s twilight; money-changers count their nickels and their dimes
The mother rocks her baby and the opaque hour climbs
Up to the pinnacle of night before the morrow slips
Across its ephemeral form with ether fingertips

It’s twilight; lovely is its languid farewell melody
As darkness spreads its being over land and sky and sea
Darling, I draw the shutters, dim the lights and bar the door
But cannot mute the murmur where ink-fraught oceans implore

© Janet Martin~

I like this song...
Twilight Is Stealing
Words: Aldine Silliman Kieffer
Music: Twilight Is Stealing | Benjamin Carl Unseld
Twilight is stealing, over the sea,
Shadows are stealing dark on the lea;
Borne on the night winds, voices of yore
Come from the far-off shore.

Voices of loved ones, songs of the past,
Still linger round me while life shall last;
Lonely I wander, sadly I roam,
Seeking that far-off home.

Come in the twilight, come, come to me!
Bringing some message, over the sea,
Cheering my pathway, while here I roam,
Seeking that far-off home.

Far away beyond the starlit skies,
Where the love-light never, never dies,
Gleameth a mansion, filled with delight,
Sweet happy home so bright!

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