Friday, May 10, 2013

Beautiful Blessing


You touch me and tease me
Console and cajole
You know how to reach to
The depths of my soul
I wander, I squander
And ponder your worth
For you are a drifter
Yet salt to the earth

You ravage my senses
Barter with my heart
You are the painter
Of thought’s tender art
You chatter and chortle
You plead and you moan
You flow like the ripple
Of brook over stone

You speak every language
You know every mood
You comfort and nurture
You beckon and brood
For you are a soul-mate
Of perfect passion
A river of longing
And satisfaction

 You cause me to wonder
To laugh and to weep
Your tender-sweet murmur
Will lull me to sleep
You are my hunger
And my coming home
You are the beautiful
Blessing of a poem

© Janet Martin


  1. wow poem on a poem for the poem.........lovely!!!

  2. a tear jerker.....very sentimental....

  3. Thank-you both. I have a book and the foreword is simply 'a collection of poems and paintings for every mood'! and that is what poetry is to me, something that empathizes with my every mood:)


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