Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Color of Extra-ordinary

There are no 'ordinaries' on a sunny spring day
Polished with azure and honey-kissed hue
Even the mundane is grandiose because
The color of 'extra' is spring-sky's gold-on-blue

There are no ordinaries on a green May day
Dappled with violet-song wooing our feet
Duty is pleasure where spring's artist doles
The color of 'extra' in sun-warm-and-sweet

Janet Martin~


  1. A beautiful way to usher in the month of May. Thank you!

  2. Beauty of nature splendidly capture in words.

  3. Thank-you Sue and V. We are ready for the May days...April offered more snow than rain, it seemed!

  4. Perfect! Your poem says it for me too on this lovely spring day here in Alberta.


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