Thursday, May 16, 2013

Of Middle-May

I'm ever amazed at the resilience of nature...a month ago we were recovering from this.

After the voracious villains of winter
Slumber like pirates, weary of the fight
And after the plundering of mistral-fury
And rain-song rehearsing from morning till night
Then comes the aftermath laughing like maidens
Dressed in their best for a spring Sunday-stroll
Then comes the apple-tree gloriously laden
With pink-petal pleasure delighting the soul

After the moody blue bluster of breezes
Subdues the growl in austere winter’s groan
See how they slip through feathered willow-tresses
With buoyant appeasing and frolicsome tone
The village, stark gray in December’s dusk shadow
Revels in bronze middle-May afterglow
While sweet on the vesper that drifts ‘cross the meadow
Lingers the fragrance of pink-petal snow

After the brook, sealed in icy restriction
Rambles, renewed in its blue liberty
Below the bluff where a green benediction
Ravishes dull fallow-dormancy
There we pause; humbled by spring's surging carols
Where apple-tree belles in a still-life ballet
Of pink-petal pleasure in joyful praise spirals
With welcoming whispers of fair middle-May

© Janet Martin

 “Listen to this, Job;
    stop and consider God’s wonders.
Do you know how God controls the clouds
    and makes his lightning flash? 
 Do you know how the clouds hang poised,
    those wonders of him who has perfect knowledge? Job 37: 14-16

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