Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring's Loveliness

She spills to earth such lovely things
The birth of leaf like new-born wings
Of butterfly from dark cocoon
Unfolding in delicate swoon

She frolics, splashing on the hill
Gold diadem of daffodil
And from the swamp of mud and musk
Spring-peepers herald the silver dusk

She sprinkles violets on the slope
In fragrant metaphors of hope
She unfurls purple lilac-stars
And fill the woods with choristers

The quarry far beneath mute sod
Is ripe with miracles from God
And then one night a gentle sheen
Drapes stricken soil in verdant green

It seems that none can shun her call
Of sun-clad feet and blossom shawl
She grins from cups of tulip-grace
Ah, spring has such a lovely face

© Janet Martin

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