Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Awesome Wonder...

(tonight was one of those 'awesome wonder' nights')

I have stood upon a shore
Where century-shaped breakers roar
And I have seen the winter yield
To summer’s sanguine clover field

I have held and I’ve let go
I’ve seen the melding ebb and flow
Of joy and sorrow intertwined
Beyond our mastery designed

I’ve seen the brawny bud unfold
To bleed its bloom in autumn gold
I’ve watched a child traverse the span
To see a boy become a man

I’ve stood beneath the twilight’s dirge
To watch the skyline Artist splurge
I’ve asked Him, “My God, what is man?
That You are mindful yet of him

I have lived to dream and dance
To taste the grace of second chance
And know for all not understood
The truth remains that God is good

© Janet Martin

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