Friday, May 10, 2013

I Love You Too


As they sugar our faces with kisses and smiles
And whisper ‘I love you’
Love eases the weight of life’s weary miles
As we reply ‘I love you too’

Life is a volley of testing and trust
Hope is a long avenue
Yet, we bear gladly those things we must
Just to say ‘I love you too’

These four most wonderful words in the world
Are better than three, tis true
For it’s when those three best words are told
That we reply ‘I love you too’

© Janet Martin

Last night it was Victoria who replied, 'I love you too'. I asked her if she realizes that she just said the four most beautiful words in the world. She thought for a few moments then smiled, She understood, to say those four words we must first hear three 'I love you'.
...unless of course its a teenager then you might still get three mumbled word replies...'love you too'


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