Thursday, May 2, 2013


Don’t grieve that it’s gone, wonder that it was.
Laugh that you lived and dance that you dared.
Inhale that it happened — and it was grace.  Ann Voskamp a Holy Experience

...and so, that is what we do
slipping new seasons over our shoulders
like the earth wears spring, then summer,
fall then winter, 
snow after the dew...
moments melded by God's grace
into laugh lines on our faces
and memories that the heart embraces
as thought re-traces 
where feet cannot go

...for the heart is a harbor 
from which dreams set sail
or come home to anchor
 in time's shifting swell 
so we ought to live fully 
in each moment because
soon it will simply be
what once was...


My kids birthdays make me a little sentimental:)


  1. This is completely beautiful and heartwarming - and the collage of photos - such moments of grace, captured to remember. Lovely.

  2. Thank-you Sherry,

    When we begin to reflect it compels us to give humble thanks, doesn't it, for life's grace-moments!


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