Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Mother's Touch

Once she warmed thick, thirsty towels
In the microwave
Just to hear the delighted gratitude
Of bubble-bathed toddler-grins
Now she runs her hands over taffeta,
Chiffon and linen
Wedding plans

Once she lingered long
Cradling new-born feet in her hands
Where life would take them
Now she trips over shoes
Left on the mat inside the door
During their pit-stops

Once she faced forward
Touching with trepidation
Words like teenager and driver’s license
Now she looks back
Wondering at the haste
Of founded fears
And moment-spun years

Once she held their soft, untrained hands
Overcome with awe
At the potential in them
Beneath patient instruction and teaching
Now she looks down at her own
Realizing that in the reaching and releasing
They were teaching her

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, I don't know what to say, I was so surprised and touched to see the tiny "Autumn" book in your photograph, next to such a special album. Thank you for letting me "participate" and I hope "help" with the wedding preparations! Good luck with everything. What an exciting, but difficult time, especially for parents..

  2. I'm so happy that you noticed it:) I love it and have never put it away since I got it. Thank YOU for sharing its beautiful inspiration. Your autumn 'touch' has helped already!

    Yes it is exciting and difficult. I appreciate your understanding. I'm trying NOT to let the stress take over the joy...we are off to hunt for bridesmaid dresses...again;0

    I read/ sniffled/blubbered the poem to my daughters just now(they both have the day off)After I was finished there was a long pause then Melissa, 18, said in monotone 'what are founded fears?' hey at least she must have been listening:). she has no idea how great and brief the stage of unfounded fear is. I envied her for a micro-second.

    Gotta go...the van horn is blaring;)))

  3. I'm sure your kids are going to love your poetry even more with years :-)

    Good luck and thank you again!

  4. Thank-you:) They might and if they don't I won't hold it against them. They are so accustomed to mom jotting words that it all becomes 'old hat'. Someday if I do a book/books I will give them each a copy for a keepsake if nothing else.

    We have hopes of maybe settling on bridesmaids dresses. Had a good day today, with 'Mom' and girls agreeing.

  5. My kids are pretty casual about my writing, too. Although they seem to be finding a little more interest in it as they grow older.

    But they definitely take such things for granted...


  6. Well, Emily will turn 21 in a few weeks and she is the one who will stop to read occasionally, so maybe that's it:) I hope to get some reading time soon to visit you. Been busy outside and i just sort of crash at night z-z-z-z-! Thank-you for your visit!


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