Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Makes a Successful Marriage?


For all the words written, repeated and referenced
For all the books gathering dust on our shelves
Marriage must be a constant endeavor
To put the other before ourselves

‘Easier said than done’, that’s a promise
It seems that Self is a dominant voice
Subtle and always eager to be noticed
Willing to be our soothing first choice

Two become one but with two opinions
Two become one in new love immersed
and Marriage will be a beautiful union
Only if each puts the other first

Alone it is hard to apply resolution
The tie that binds two hearts near and dear
Must be secured by a Third divine portion
God will enable us to persevere

© Janet Martin

Love-lessons in marriage are endless! On Monday hubby and I, Lord willing, will celebrate 25 years of learning! The analysis of what I have learned is this;

Two selfish people= disaster.   
One selfish person= abuse.  
No selfishness= Happy marriage
(or instead of no selfishness perhaps simply; each seeking selflessness)

We have experienced seasons in each of these categories.


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on 25 years! That is awesome!

    xoxo ~ Jen

    P.S. I like your book selection too.

  2. Hi Jen, thank-you so much. It really does FLY by!

  3. Dear Janet,
    Wishing you very many happy returns of the day and wishing you very many more to come!

    Congratulations and Best Wishes !!


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