Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Poem for my Mom...The Beauty of a Mother's Love


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How does one spell with inept word
The beauty of a mother’s love?
How does one tell of oceans stirred
Within the heart from God above?

How does one speak of tenderness
Portrayed in humble, simple task
Giving in gentle faithfulness
Beyond what we would think to ask?

How does one shape with trembling quill
The gratitude of tears and years
And prayers of Mother’s yielded will
When she was heavy with love’s fears?

How do we weave in poetry
The thoughts that have no written mold
Of human heart humility
And secret sacrifice untold?

The beauty of a mother’s love
In all its pure, imperfect form
Is perfect; we thank God above
And spell in ink, ‘I love you, Mom’

© Janet Martin

I was wishing that I could write a ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day poem for my mom. (I am a mother. I am keenly aware of my glaring imperfection.) But my love for my children, as it passes through God’s grace, is perfect. When I think of my Mother and all she sacrificed (and that is only what I could see) as she raised a family of ten children I am speechless with gratitude and I ask, ‘How can I spell with inept word the beauty of a mother’s love…?’ No, we are not perfect, but love is!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and those with a mother-heart!

When I was a school-girl we learned this song. This is the only print version of the song that I can find and it does not seem to be on you-tube:) ...a pity!

I Ought to Love my Mother



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