Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful 'Girls' of all Ages

You are beautiful
Though media flaunts
Material stuff
God made you precious
His own through and through
And you are the only
Beautiful you

How quickly we finger
Our failures and flaws
But we ought to smile
And be thankful because
Beauty is not
Our shape or our skin
Beauty is something
That flows from within

Love is a beauty
That none can pretend
So let’s love each other
Girl, woman, friend
For then the mirror
We may glance into
Will reflect the image
Of a beautiful you

© Janet Martin


  1. A much-needed message to women today.


  2. Thank-you. Yesterday I was shopping with my girls and the store-front windows send such an awful message to our young beautiful girls! We need to tell them often they are beautiful, don't we? Beautiful just the way God made them.


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