Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Mothers Count

We do not count the messes they make
Or the pieces of laundry we wash and fold
The sleepless nights when they are wee
These are the scores that are never told

No, we do not count the meals we prepare
The miles we walk from fridge to stove
Or the prayers we weep when we cannot sleep
As our hearts ache with the hard side of love

We do not count our scolding and sighs
Trips to the dentist, to school, to town
And we do not care to tally mistakes
Lord knows we make enough of our own

But we count our blessings in kisses and hugs
In ‘I love you, Mom and then, ‘I love you too’
We count the hours until they are home
As years sparkle softly into the vast blue

© Janet Martin

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