Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Though you are far away from me tonight
Thought is not bound by miles of land or sea
And you are not so far away from me
I reach to touch you in the words I write
The henchman of an hour never sleeps
But snuffs each moment as it slips to naught
He is not able to embezzle thought
Nor can he reach to steal the charge it keeps
For thought shapes the persuasions of the heart
The heart can hold a myriad of hours
And though it seems that we are far apart
I touch you like the sun kisses the flowers
Love cradles in its thought the finer art
Of hope and prayer and all that this empowers

The pilferage of moments fills the clutch
Of days, then weeks to years to centuries
The proof of their passage is memories
And only thought this corridor can touch
Tonight you press against the dark incline
Of midnight’s keen yet muted eloquence
And I embrace thought’s tender recompense
Of moments that have fallen from the vine
Then you are not so far away from me
And Time, though measured in numeric stance
Is powerless to bind a memory
Or chain its feet, forbidding us to dance
The law of love and loss and poetry
Unites us in its everlasting trance

We shoulder cares; perhaps the spoil of toil
The heart though it may break, seals the caress
Of joy and sorrow’s valiant tenderness
While tear’s are but the off-spring of its moil
Tonight, though miles declare expanses vast
Twixt you and I; we know the truth of thought
It travels beyond measured chart or jot
We are not far apart; thought binds us fast
The entities that fill our fumbling hold
Fall uselessly beneath the gilded clime
Where hearts embrace and lovingly enfold
The fragments of a moment’s lilt and rhyme
In treasure-troves of precious thought-forged gold
Its coffers gleam with offerings of Time

© Janet Martin


  1. I am completely mesmerized by your poem.even though we may be far away from our loved ones, but their thoughts, memories, beautiful moments, emotions always accompany us. Really, we feel as if we are near.

  2. Thank-you so much. It suddenly struck me how often I cherish loved ones ever so deeply in thought when they are far away...I appreciate your thoughts today:)


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