Thursday, May 23, 2013


So, here we are
Another sheaf of moments granted
 For us to pursue
And we do,
Opening them with coffee,
As morning spills its silver silk
Over the hill
Into the valley
And mercy spills
Its gracious hope
To the heart

So here we are,
On this forward-facing journey
Not to the grave
But to a Gate
As we press fear into prayer
And hope into faith
Sweeping up spilled cheerios
And toast crumbs
With purpose
Because this sheaf of moments
Comes but once

So, here we are
The thresholds of flood and famine
Someday will
Fall away
As faith becomes sight
And treasure chests are opened
To reveal
The measure of our love
And the treasure of our hearts
Proven in sheaves
Of gathered moments

© Janet Martin


  1. Wow, if we look everything with a positive attitude and trust in god all will be well....

    loved how you told to transform fear into prayer:)

  2. Thank-you V~.

    This was one of those mornings where there was no immediate or clear inspiration so I simply unfolded the moment I was in...exterior synchronized with thought. One of my favorite times of day is dawn!

  3. Really enjoyed this one...a bit of a departure for you and well done!


  4. Thank-you Sue.

    I don't know why free-verse intimidates me, but it does! Every so often I enjoy giving it a go. I appreciate your encouraging thoughts.


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