Friday, May 17, 2013

Then Hold Me Close...

Then hold me close and do not ask of me
The words trembling unspoken in my thought
Though fain I try to spell with wanton jot
Its surging void in broken poetry

Then hold me near for I cannot explain
This bitter-sweetest winnowing of love
Far, far and dark the night expands its glove
Until I only feel our mutual pain

Then hold me long and do not let me go
The years that we have weathered are behind
The future is as formless as the wind
And what comes with the light no one can know

Then hold me now within this fragile flight
Of flesh and blood and brief mortality
It is enough to feel you next to me
And touch the trembling silences of night

© Janet Martin


  1. A poem dipped in pain, love and compassion, just touched my heart...

  2. :0 Love that stands the test of time knows that love is both pleasure and pain...hopefully more pleasure;)


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