Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keeping the Faith Mothers

We live by faith for things we cannot see
God, help us then to do the best we can
How soon this little child upon our knee
Will grow to be a woman or a man
The laud-less toil of moments we employ
Will never fill the walls and halls of fame
But for a precious little girl or boy
We wear and bear a very special name

We live by faith; the faith of patient love
In offerings that may seem rather trite
Stirred, folded, wiped, polished, shook out and scrubbed
Then repeated from morning until night
Just to feel soft arms embrace our necks
Or hear their laughter lilting and carefree
Because they know who watches out for them
And loves them fully and most tenderly

We live by faith; for sight is kind and cruel
Love’s imperfections drive us to our knees
And motherhood can be a startling school
Of heart and hand and mind perplexities
But, just as God is faithful to our need
We kiss and scold and hold them when they fall
Trusting God for the increase in a seed
We listen just to hear their voices call

We live by faith; despair would claim our smile
If sight alone would be our little hope
For motherhood can be a thankless mile
Without the faith in One who helps us cope
Gladly we suffer love’s tender-sweet pain
Its recompense intangible, yet true
We laugh and weep and pray again, again
Just to hear them say, I love you too,

© Janet Martin

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