Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Girl with a Brother...

A girl with a brother is lucky, I say
He teases and taunts her in love’s sibling way
But deep down beneath his vexing boyish jeer
He would defend her with every last tear

A girl with a brother learns as they cavort
The thrill of a rival in matter of sport
She learns how to shoot, swing a bat and throw
A girl with a brother is lucky, I know

A girl with a brother learns how to play rough
While teaching him how to be gentle and tough
A girl with a brother is lucky, ‘tis true
But I say the brother is quite lucky too

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you for this poem, Janet :) I shared it on facebook and added a few photos of my kids together. Makes me think of my brother also :)

    Hope everything's going smoothly with wedding plans! Let me know if you need anything :) Blessings! ~ Megan

  2. Megan thank YOU for enjoying it and sharing. this poem is a blend of now and son and my brothers.

    The wedding plans are feeling a little scattered at this point!;0 Emily is waiting on a few things she ordered on line before we settle on colors then I will feel like i can go ahead on more than dreaming. The church is booked (we are having everything there so that's one big thing taken care of)!

    Well, I'm off to Lucy's to pick up Victoria and Matt.

    Someday I hope to read blogs and comment again! It took me approx 3-5 min. to publish your comment and comment here. Either blogger or the internet is giving me a lot of grief right now!


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