Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Quietude of Day Subdued...

The quietude of day subdued and hastening of footfall stills
The deep and deeper curtain veils the silhouette of tree and hills
The lambent lay of dying day rolls like the breaker on a sea
Of silver mist and dreams half-kissed and midnight’s musky melody

Ah, primeval its madrigal of shushing, rushing, hushing breeze
Soft, vaporous and languorous and drifting through the slumb’ring trees
The silver surge of daylight dirge anoints the ethereal caress
Of empathy and agony and memory’s capricious tress

The citadel where angels dwell demands our meek up-lifted gaze
The azure sweep of noon-tides deep is ebony with star-frothed glaze
And we are small beneath it all and dearly stagger at the thought
That God above beholds in love our offerings of jumbled jot

The mystery of what will be touches the trembling vaunt within
The ether-cast of what is past adorns the walls beneath our skin
The quietude of day subdued arouses love’s ache in the heart
A gentle awe of nature’s law binding and easing us apart

© Janet Martin


  1. This is very beautifully written, and reminds me, in its rhythm and rhyme scheme, of the old classics. So well done.

  2. Thank-you Sherry. This is what midnight felt like to me last night.

    I finally posted the sequel to this poem (at noon). Today the internet flicks on and off. Oh Gentle Day was intended to be posted this morning:)


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