Sunday, May 26, 2013

Of Perfect, Ordinary Days...

Years from now I won’t recall
How the sky draped, an azure shawl
Against the hills of emerald sweep
Or how a bud unfurled its deep
To grace the lowly lilac limb
With purple starlet diadem
In moments embraced near and dear
Against the back-drop of a tear

…or how the glimmer of an hour
Untwisted from time’s mystic bower
Pleased, teased, appeased thought’s hungry touch
Then slipped to naught within its clutch
Where filaments of this fine day
Like morning mist melted away
Anchored within gossamer glow
Where myriad forerunners go

And years from now I won’t recall
The tug as apple-blossoms fall
Pink fragments of an afternoon
Shaping Time’s soft, insistent tune
As love and longing’s harmony
Composes a sweet melody
Slipping into the silver haze
Of perfect, ordinary days

© Janet Martin

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