Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As Daylight Closes its Doors

Dandelion halos gleam pink in the dusk
As daylight closes its doors
The air heavy-laden with mist-silver musk
Wafting from shimmering shores
Over the meadowland drifts the sweet swell
In lyrics of vesper and lark
As God breathes a masterpiece of fond farewell
Beneath the soft-stilly dark

Somnolent beauty in sable surrender
Where does the twilight begin?
Over the landscape in deepening splendor
Somewhere the night settles in
Against the emerald indulgence of noontide
Somber tones snuff shades of day
Draping a shawl over slumbering country-side
Ebony, charcoal and gray

Into the archives of never-returning
Dawn’s darling diadem slips
Gone is its pithy allotment of yearning
Erased by God’s fingertips
Dandelion halos fade into oblivion
As daylight fades into the deep
And all we have left of its azure pavilion
Are love’s tender memories to keep

© Janet Martin

We are at the time of year when the sun sets at the end of the highway... one never can tell where the light stops and the dark begins; it moves in deepening, deepening but how, we cannot tell!


  1. Very cool pics and poem. Sommer and I stood on the driveway and counted down as the sun disappeared from OUR view.(I told her somewhere someone's saying good morning:)

  2. It was SO lovely and pink Victoria pedaled up the road and enjoyed it from our bikes!

  3. oops, Victoria and I biked together to watch it. We can't see it from the house.

  4. Thank-you Violet! I just read your latest article in Fellowscript. How neat to hear from you. I always look forward to your page! I LOVE that magazine.

  5. love’s tender memories to keep

    resounds :)
    lightly brushes and gently stirs ....

    and is gone !

    This is the agony of a poem
    So often in the beginning an ache
    and in the end .... still an ache

    Janet how about writing a really lo...n...g poem !!! Almost ..
    ideas entwining and moving on and on.... crescendo ... diminuendo ... lilting ... and going on and on like big flowing river.... ???

  6. Grace, You have penned the aura perfectly! A really long poem sounds very intriguing! I'm going to keep that idea with me and see what happens:) thank-you!


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