Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mercy's Darling

May, are you heaven in earth-tenured guise?
You drive hills mad with emerald-gilded gown
For surely you wear earth's coveted crown
Beneath the awning of pure, azure skies

May, you tease woodlands all giddy with green
Baptizing breezes in jubilant hope
Of freshly-turned sod and bloom-dappled slope
Tonic of lilac and honeyed sunbeam

May, mercy's darling of dreams undefiled
Rambling on ripples of chattering brook
Dancing in dens of forget-me-not nook
Kissing earth's gardens and driving them wild



  1. Makes me feel proud to claim May as my birthday!


  2. Well, Happy Birthday Sue! I'm happy to say that mine is in June...another 'darling':)

  3. Oh my goodness! I love how you described the breeze :) Just what I've been thinking of, and thankful for (that might be a different story if I had seasonal allergies!) Thank you for the music also... so pretty!


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