Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Should Like...a Little While

 It's been a 'toy morning':)...

I should like my home to be
Not a showplace of pride and pomp
But a solace where children romp
And shape their childhood memory

Home; oh dearest, happy word
Let these four-letters symbolize
A sort of heaven-paradise
Where prayers are prayed and cares are heard

…and I should like my home to wear
Love’s mended woes, life’s spills and such
And not withhold from it the touch
Of childish fingers free of care

…and may its rod and rule be kind
The Word of God read and revered
Lest vainly innocence is reared
To thirst for truth, yet to it…blind

...and I should like my home to smile
With humble, thankful happiness
A tiny nook that God will bless
And dwell in for earth’s little while

© Janet Martin

‘Oh Mom, just leave it there’ said my daughter as I was about to polish away a handprint from the window, ‘that hand print reminds us *Nathan was here!’ (* little guy I babysit)

...jotted this while having lunch. One of the little guys I baby-sit is slurping applesauce and chatting about the 'nice, nice day' and I looked out at its gray offering and back at his innocence and laughed, yes! it is a nice, nice day!'

Time to do dishes and pick up toys!


  1. Oh such great lessons from such small children. How true. Nicely expressed, Janet.

  2. Kids keep us grounded, don't they?


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