Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Day is like a Vessel

We rise and scan the cloud-strewn acres out to the sky-line
This day is like a vessel on the swarthy seas of time
And we, its deckhands take our posts upon its waves of sod
For we will give account to our Captain; He is God

Though storm may toss and wind may vex and we are frail in size
The Hand upon the rudder of this ship is kind and wise
He does not leave us helpless in the fury of life’s ill
But guides the vessel we call Day according to His will

Toward a Port beyond this rise and fall four-season main
We board the vessel that will carry us from grief and pain
Much needs to be accomplished on its journey from dawn’s dew
And so we ask our Captain ‘what will you have me to do?’

© Janet Martin

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