Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sing a Song of...Almost Spring

Sing a song of stirring seed
Where blue sky skims the land
And stark, raw wounds of winter bleed
Into spring’s out-stretched hand

Sing a song of gold delight
As back-wood solitude
Is softly stripped of white on white
Beneath spring’s giddy brood

Then dream and child will run and leap
Like lamb upon the green
And clouds, like flocks of wooly sheep
Will graze on azure sheen

Oh, sing of maple-syrup slope
Or flawless harmony
Of sun and zephyr calliope
And flower fantasy

…or sing about the tiralee
Of bird-joy in the dark
Or rain-notes splashing merrily
And laughter in the park

Hope acclimates to bonny breeze
With ease to dear for word
As in the lane beneath the trees
A wink of spring is heard

Yes, sing a song of almost spring
Of bud-bliss breaking free
Winter may wield its final fling
But sing of spring to me

© Janet Martin

Nine more days! and after the winter we've had five degrees above freezing feels downright balmy.
(never mind what the storm-casters are calling for tomorrow;)

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