Monday, March 17, 2014

Fairest of Them All or She Suffers

My friend’s mom comes out of her accident practically unscathed!!
Thank-you God!
My sister-in-law has suffered for 20 years since the accident where she was broad-sided by an impaired driver and her survival was called a miracle, and why is it harder for me to say ‘thank-you God’ now through 'why-why-why' tears of misunderstanding?
Why is it so hard to accept answers so different from our desires?
Because we can’t see the finished picture!
Karen’s latest trial, Bell’s Palsy.

She suffers long and not by choice
But does not raise an angry voice
To question God, wail or lament
While we behold love’s testament

She suffers, those around her see
The beauty of humility
Fairest of them all, this saint
Wears suff'ring's crown without complaint

She suffers, through her hurt God spills
His strength where weakness yields its will
While we implore with thought and prayer
'The Lord to help her cross to bear'

© Janet Martin

As I watch her all of my life-complaints ever, seem pathetic...

Please, if you would join our prayers for Dave, Karen and family? 


  1. Thank-you Laurie,..and I'm sure Dave(my brother, her hubby) appreciates them as deeply as Karen. He is such a rock for her and always there when he needs her.

  2. I surely will add my prayers to yours.


  3. Isn't it wonderful that God's family has this common bond? Thank-you.

  4. Karen is tremendously touched by the words and thoughts/prayers and sends heartfelt thank-you!


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