Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Of Merchants and Morning-gold

Dawn draws darkness from our windows
Where dusk drew its shutters tight
Through the latticework of limb-frames
Morning fills Time’s bowl with light

And we, merchants of its measure
Cannot pocket heaven-gold
Tithed alike to all, this treasure
Spills freely from mercy’s hold

Will we waste or handle wisely
This allowance of God’s love?
This is not mere nature-notion
Drenching pasture, street and grove

Dawn draws darkness from our windows
See the sieve of mercy sift
Gold-gray nuggets shaped in moments
To we, merchants of Time’s gift

© Janet Martin

As you have likely noticed, this is the window from which I purvey each day-break. This morning flung a rampant river of gold, in spite of FREEZING cold!


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  1. Beautiful Janet. Thankful for the golden on such a bitterly cold day. Thanks for sharing. Awesome as always. You are an inspiration to me to keep blogging. XO


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