Friday, May 10, 2013

When the Tea-kettle Sings

Sometimes when the tea-kettle sings
I think of life’s most lovely things
Of mint leaves sprouting by the brook
Of poetry sipped from a book

I think of summer garden-strolls
The midnight wind as it cajoles
And vexes poplar tress and thought
I think of spring’s forget-me-not

The laughter of a child at play
The whispering of willow’s sway
The pit-and-patter melody
Of rain and night-song harmony

I see the home-scenes of the past
A farm-girl who grew up too fast
Of kitten's hiding in the loft
With velvet tongues all pink and soft

I think of August's dog-day noon
The sultry haze of locust tune
I hear a tender lullaby
And baby coos of days gone by

Sometimes when the tea-kettle sings
I feel the joy of simple things
A soulful, sweet serenity
When the tea-kettle sings to me

© Janet Martin


  1. Just lovely and amazing, all of your poems are top notch and it is so hard for me to like even one, i like all of them and just love them.:)!!!

  2. I love tea, I love the sound of the tea kettle, and I love your poem so much!

  3. V, You are such a sweet encouraging voice and you have blessed me so much. Thank-you for your kind words:)

    Sasha, I love tea too. Esp. at night when the urgent push of the day subsides and the tea-kettle starts to say h-u-s-s-h-h...and it wraps me in the anticipation of warm relaxation! Right now the tea in my herb garden is perfect and my fav's are mint and lemon. I'm looking to see if I can find fennel but have not been successful so far!

    Thank-you for your words:)
    Happy Mother's Day!


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