Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Holding...

 Happy 15th Birthday, Matthew

I will not hold you back
Though it seems I might try
When every fiber in my being
Aches with days gone by
Life is a forward track
Into the great unknown
And oh, I will not hold you back
Dear son of almost-grown

The days of rocking chairs
And storybooks and such
I know they are still there
For memories to touch
And sometimes late at night
When the whole world is black
Against my heart I hold you tight
But I won’t hold you back

Life is a forward march
And love learns to let go
Even while I  hold you close
As prayers and moments flow
And though sometimes I trace
The shadows of the past
I wish for you God’s richest grace
I will not hold you back

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful,tell him Aunt Lucy says Happy Birthday....:)

  2. Thank-you:) He is right here to see it for himself! We are BBQ-ing his choice for supper; bacon-burgers;0

  3. You've captured the sentiment of a mama's heart. I felt this way when my kids grew up and those feelings are present again as grandchildren grow up and away -- never far from my heart though.

  4. It never really stops, does it?...that holding and letting go!but by the grace of God we go.


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