Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Of Hugs and Holding


They draw and hold us near
A cradle in our grief
Enfolded in love’s arms
In tender-sweet relief

Compassion reaches out
Its consoling embrace
Comforts the broken heart
Within love’s kind solace

Lord, hold the suffering
And as our tear-drops fall
May we lean on Your arms
Beneath, around us all

© Janet Martin

One thing keeps re-impacting me as I view the images of the Oklahoma tornado; the arms, reaching, helping, holding, hugging...

Arms hold Tim Bosma's widow and child this morning at his memorial service in Hamilton.

Over and over I find myself praying, Oh Lord, hold the suffering and may they feel Your arms around them.

We live in a broken world but God's arms are open wide and He invites us to Him. He draws near to the suffering. "we never cry alone"


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