Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unnamed Elements

In onyx oceans of night you impress
Soft on my pillow and deep in my heart
Whispers of something I cannot caress
Murmur of yearning’s intangible art
Spring rends the air with desire and dreaming
Summer exhales to the garden its bloom
Autumn dons tresses of bronze-gilded gleaming
Darling, is winter heaven’s waiting room?
I cannot name this unspoken design
Where having and holding and hoping align

Time is a troubadour, ruthless and keen
Ageless, yet in its allotment of years
It unravels hours from gossamer skein
Kissing our faces with laughter and tears
We cannot see its outstretched fingers clasp
The delicate thread of mortality
Fading to naught; an ephemeral gasp
Before we step into eternity
But deeper than utterance in the heart’s crypt
Love pens its longing in thought’s shadow-script

Darkness cannot veil haunting heart-hunger
Arms cannot hold midnight moments of mist
We chased the wind too, when we were younger
For unnamed tidings that do not exist
Now, though our will in finest apparel
Touts golden wisdom, humbly we concede
Having and holding is the shallow temporal
Before heaven satisfies our last need
Darling, I love you and there is no shame
In bearing love’s longings that we cannot name

© Janet Martin

I am unable to upload photos right now due to technical problems.

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