Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Journey of Unknowns...a sonnet

The unknown murmurs on the burnished brink
Slipping its gossamer from east to west
We cannot know what shapes its ether-pink
Though to-do lists and duty may suggest
The Weaver of each moment intercedes
Cupping His gracious will beneath our own
We spout our wants while He supplies our needs
Melding in moment-thread, unknown to known
And while the shaft of new day rends the deeps
And skylines re-appear, a circle-scope
Of east, south, west and north; His visage keeps
Vast eons anchored in His steadfast hope
We place our fears within His faithful hand
Trusting the God of sky and sea and land

Gladness, sadness, flow'r and shower merge
The darlings of His never-changing grace
Embark on tides of morning’s mercy-surge
Ignorant of the breadth of His embrace
For we will not escape His tender gaze
The sky, the land and sea are but the shell
Where shadows of His potent wonder splays
In whispered fringes of Heaven and hell
And though the unknown spreads its light-less veil
Across our tarnished visage; Faithful God
Releases this day’s moments from Love’s grail
His fount of Goodness nurtures soul and sod
We stuff out mouths; Hunger is not destroyed
The infant and the aged bear its void

The earth is lathered green in Spring’s caress
Before the sheen of winter binds its girth
Last year's unknowns are known; grief, happiness
Unfold and fold again, four-season's worth
Before another year falls to the crypt
Where Time; the fulcrum twixt unknown and known
Establishes in present; yet has slipped
The filament of centuries to stone
We bow beneath the Hand of Eden’s seal
The constellations also bow to Him
For none transcends the One who moves Time's wheel
The God of ages cups our wish and whim
Where known and unknown subsist, juxtaposed
The rose exists within the bud, still closed

© Janet Martin

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