Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evening, Come Gently

 As I took these pictures a few minutes ago I told the neighbor I'm trying to find the beauty in this! He replied that there's going to be a lot more 'beauty' come morning:))Alas, the evening is not so gentle now; it sounds like someone is flinging pebbles at the window.

Evening, come gently and soften the gale
Binding the landscape in icy travail
Subdue the mistral of howling lament
Whisper your kisses against its torment
Remind Old Man Winter his time has expired
Then evening, come gently, the trees are so tired

Evening, come softly and gentle away
The pelting of ice tears and land-seas of gray
Cradle the country-side ensconced in glass
Smooth back the ocean of winter’s last blast
The half-budded limb has grown heavy with grief
Pausing the vim of a newly born leaf

Evening, come tender, with motherly love
Hush the snow splendor that weeps from above
Comfort the wee bird hunkered in its nest
While over, around him the wind-demons jest
Evening come gently with sweet lullaby
Soothe the wild tempest screaming from the sky

© Janet Martin


  1. You're so cute--'trying to find the beauty in this' made me did your neighbor's response! I actually think you did it though, because I like the photos!

    Of course your poem is beautiful as always. 'Remind Old Man Winter his time has expired' is great. Hope you get some springtime soon :-)

  2. Oh Jennifer, The 'morning beauty' (MAJOR ice-storm!) came with 3 days of no hydro! It just came on now; Sunday 8:00 p.m.(keeping fingers crossed so it will stay on) after going out during the night on Thurs. Now the greatest beauty I see is running water!!!

    Thank-you:)for your thoughts, and yes, tomorrow is fore-casted to feel quite 'springey'

  3. Love the photos, Janet. Beautiful, flowing poem, with a strong finish.


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