Friday, April 5, 2013

Forgotten Melodies

 (April's yard echoes with autumn's walnut-leaf percussion)

Last autumn’s leaf
Spirals, soft on the breeze
Returning to rest, lost in time’s russet seas
Slide-show of shadow and sunlight caress
The graveyard of past summer’s stricken tress
And over the dread-locks of winter’s torment
Wandering zephyrs cajole and lament

Budded limbs beckon;
Eager for the sigh
Of leaf-song at midnight’s half-moon lullaby
The last snow recedes to north-shaded inclines
Sadness and gladness together entwines
Ten fingers folded in tender embrace
Where moments employ simply to erase

The thrum of bare feet
Echoes on the still grass
The pond is a window of sun-shadow glass
Where once childish innocence shattered its gleam
Before adolescence lures with ethereal dream
And once more the leaf spirals soft on the breeze
An eighth note in forgotten melodies

© Janet Martin

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