Saturday, April 6, 2013

In the End It Always Ends

Because every thing ends...
the tree from an acorn
expanding its shadow
over childhood's lawn
...the blush creeping
over frost-diamond meadow
in the first trembling hour of dawn
the love song, the laughter, the picture-show
in spite of half-breath bliss
is a moment by moment surrender
to its  farewell kiss
for the beginning of all things mortal
will end; its destiny
nudging us ever forward
to eternity... treasure each timorous moment
falling like petals of mist
drink from time's ethereal fountain
revel in its bubble-bliss
for each end is a new beginning
each beginning is not the end
and its not the beginning
but how we finish
that ultimately counts, my friend
so, suffer its stumbling and fumbling
 the ends that ever must be
before life's surging vapor reaches
its final destiny
of endless eternity


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