Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mr. April

 (even the sunrise has been a little 'moody' the past few days, with the clouds claiming the horizon-line and stretching past eight o' clock before releasing the sun)

Ah, you moody beauty
Cantankerous delight
Teasing first with sun-spun mirth
Then cloud-feathers of white

Ah, dearest mellow fellow
Ah, testy troubadour
Of frigid sheen and virgin green
And violet-fragrant floor

Ah, harbinger of summer
Ah, dregs of winter’s blast
You vex, perplex nature’s vortex
With gray and gold contrast

Ah sweet, sinister mister
You ride the buxom breeze
Then leap upon a bully storm
Without apologies

Ah, darling moody beauty
How nonchalant you blow
As you caress spring's timid tress
With frost-florets of snow

© Janet Martin 

It is such a day today, one moment sunny then the wind howls, unleashing a volley of flakes, that melt when the sun re-appears!

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