Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beneath the Diguise of Moments

It is not the present immediacy
Of my pondered yes or no
But the shaping of whom you are going to be
That tries my answer so

For in the gathered quick replies
The bud of recompense
Will not remain ‘neath time’s disguise
Of certain consequence

The weight of love’s compassion
Surges full inside of me
For our transient yes-no-moments
Shape the person we will be

© Janet Martin

Sometimes its so easy to just say 'yes, yes, yes,' because at the Time its the easy non-confrontational fix...but this morning I caught myself suddenly pondering a request not because of any harm it would do now, but in how its shapes one's thinking pattern and may numb our discernment twixt wisdom and knowledge of choice and accountability.

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