Friday, April 19, 2013

Lest Evil Wins...

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I'm listening to the news; the man-hunt in Boston
I don't want to write but...

If artists forsake canvases
Put down their brushes
If poets dissuade muses
And the sea that rushes
To be spilled on page
While evils rage
And man destroys
While hate employs
Its lethal grief
While disbelief
Rocks to the core
And our tears pour
For those who suffer
First-hand its horror
And as we contemplate
The repercussions of hate
We weep
For its ripples run deep
And yet, if we still brush and pen
Until the evil of evil men
Is over and done
Then, I fear, evil has won.

© Janet Martin

Oh the layers of grief…
Of those who love the one who commits heinous acts of violence and those who suffer because of it…


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