Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tell Me Then...

Tell me then, when warm late-day shade bends
And blends with the clear, cooler rivers of dusk
When the air grows heavy with mist where the levee
Is cloaked in the heady young whispers of musk
As spring comes tiptoeing with emerald gown flowing
Dappled with stars of forget-me-not
As you sit and ponder the mysteries yonder
Tell me then darling, what beguiles your thought?

Tell me then, when still shadows are blotted
Gently from hedge-row and sea-bank and rill
And far overhead night’s awning is dotted
With silver-strung sequins and crescent moon frill
Tell me, what nurtures or tortures your being
Is it what must be or what lies behind?
When you close your eyes love, what is it you’re seeing?
What shapes the slideshow that plays in your mind?

Tell me then, when this hour’s tenure
Fades like a flicker into night’s abyss
And melodies tremble in unwritten splendor
Where thought is the Maestro of its own tenderness
Tell me my love, of the songs you are hearing
Strumming the back-drop of nocturnal deep
Tell me then love, for the morning is nearing
What is it you think of when you cannot sleep?

© Janet Martin

Higher Window~ Josh Groban


  1. Very very nice!

    It brought to mind the song "If You Could Read My Mind Love, what tale my thoughts could tell" by Gordon Lightfoot. :)

  2. Oh, I really like that song. thank-you!


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