Monday, April 15, 2013

'They Grow Up Fast' (Rob and Emily are Engaged!)

 Rob and Emily are engaged! Emily is our oldest daughter. They are engaged to be married on Oct. 12 2013.
I took this photo last night right after they told us!

a Mother's thoughts the morning after...

Back then I didn’t know
Eternities were so short

‘They grow up fast’ other mothers said
And I nodded, kissing your newborn fingers
Curled tightly around this new
Mother-finger of mine
Glad there was an eternity
Twixt then and now

‘They grow up fast’ other mothers said
And I blinked back the tears
As you climbed on the bus,
And we both waved vigorously
I, so glad that between Kindergarten
And Commencement
Spread an eternity

‘They grow up fast’
Commencement; years past
While tears shape a mother’s
Joy-drenched grief
Because there are no eternities on earth
Only gasps

They grow up fast
…and you laugh
High on love and dreams
As you show us your ring
And you teach us new words
Like ‘plan a wedding’
And you think six months
Is an eternity

© Janet Martin

All her Dad can say is 'I'm not ready for this!' (though he is happy for her/them)
Are any of us ever truly ready?
Congratulations and God bless you, Robyn and Emily.
Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Oh Janet this is beautiful! Ah I am so excited for you all :)

  2. Hi Hanika! thank-you,WE ARE TOO!

  3. Congratulations! It must be hard on the parents..but they look so happy, and you've got six months to attempt to get ready for this! Good luck with everything, much happiness to you all,

  4. Thank-you Sasha:) It is so hard and yet we are so happy at the same time!I determine to enjoy more than I stress! Thank-you again.

    p.s. love your new profile pic:)

  5. Janet There are no eternities when it comes to raising kids. "They Grow So Fast" is really an understatement. Enjoy your prep time! These are good times when you see her dreams being fulfilled.

  6. Well Murray, you know all about it, don't you? These are good times for sure and it is the way it should be! thank-you for your thoughts!

    Thinking of you as well as the last of your children ties the knot in a few months.

  7. Again, you made me reflect and sniff back a few tears. Lovely. And your daughter is gorgeous - just like her mamma~. Such a nice reflection on the fleeting notion we call life. Congratulations to your whole family. Rob looks like a big strapping farm lad. What a sweet couple they make. Your house will be abuzz with pre-marriage joy and planning. Have fun.

  8. Janet thank you for words that release. Even a weepy aunt can get all silly emotional over this. So happy for everyone I'm running over. Xo

  9. Wonderful news! Best wishes to a beautiful couple!

  10. And you can do it in six months - we were 9 weeks from engagement to wedding day.

  11. Aw Mosk, thank-you so much for the words of encouragement:) We are excited...but 9 weeks!? I'll take the 6 mos.

    Glynis, He was a strapping farm-lad in nova Scotia then he moved to Ontario and became an electrician.
    Thank-you. We'll be in touch with Amanda!

    Jane, one big high-light at the wedding will be seeing you guys! I can't wait!!! Thank-you for your words. I've been laughing and crying all day:)

  12. Your daughter is so beautiful and they both look so happy. Such a happy time, and I so relate to how fast it all goes by. WAY too fast!

  13. Congratulations! What joy for all of you!

  14. What wonderful news. And she is glowing!


  15. Yes, sue she is still glowing!

    Thank-you TUG.

  16. Congrats to you all! They are adorable! I have an almost eligible 18 year old son if you have any more daughters btw. ;-) I'm just kidding...he'd cringe if I actually tried to set him up lol. Happy planning and blessings to you all!

  17. They grow up SO fast... but my five year old has promised to never grow up and never be too old for kisses :)

  18. Jennifer, the next one turns 19 in Aug. It could work, right? he-he. She feels the same way as your son does about being 'set up'. She is leaving in Sept. for school It is going to be a fall of changes here!

    and Margaret,I LOVE what you said:) My 12 yr. old isn't allowed to get much older and even as I say that she is becoming a young woman. My daughters are very close and she is viewing all these plans with quite mixed emotions.It is all happening way too fast, yet it is as it must be and has ever been!(my brave mommy-voice talking;)


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