Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ontario Spring...

 This is a taste of Ontario spring in the past 5 days...

Ontario spring is a moody, blue thing
Rain-drop and snowflake and gray monotone
Laughing and weeping we smile then we groan
Wondering when she will finally stay

Ontario spring is a frolicsome fling
Of violet purple and daffodil gold
Sassy-sweet zephyrs cajole and unfold
Blossom from bud-let in sun-beam sashay

Ontario spring is both beggar and king
Wheedling though tresses, distressed, mute and brown
Inauguration to green-gilded crown
Vexing, perplexing and playing her game

Ontario spring, vivacious vixen
Teasing and pleasing until one day
Her last moody pleasure has drifted away
And we do not care by what measure she came

© Janet Martin

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